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You are on the brand's online store;Contrasts art & design, created byCharlene Chrétien in 2020. You will findunique handmade products by Charlène, and you can evenbook creative workshops in his little Brussels workshop!

His mantra: “To feel good at home, soothed and inspired"  

Find them posterscandlesplant pots, macramés  who will make your unique interior decoration!

A captivating illustration featuring an intense look, highlighted by hues of white and orange, creating an expressive fusion of colors to convey a vibrant emotion.
A lively illustration combining citric fruit and solinlore patterns, featuring a refreshing color palette of white, blue and yellow, evoking a bright and cheerful ambiance.
An elegant illustration featuring a vase called Corinne, decorated with cotton patterns, in a soothing peach-colored shade, creating a soft and aesthetic atmosphere.

Want to share a creative moment with Charlène in Brussels?
Book a workshop now!

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WhatsApp Image 2023-12-10 à 16.10.07_12768bbf.jpg
WhatsApp Image 2023-12-10 à 16.10.07_539e52ea.jpg

Charlène welcomes you to her small Brussels workshop to discover creative techniques such as embroidery, machine knitting, or marbling on candles...

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