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Plant accessories

On this page you will find our accessories for textile plants,  that youYou can order in various colors and sizes. Everything is done handmade from 100% recycled cotton thread!

100% recycled yarn at Contrastes art & design, how does it work?

Did you know? In Europe we get rid of 4 million tonnes of textiles every year!

Image of a 100% recyclable cotton fabric.

The rolls are cut into 2cm wide strips, the yarn is created!

Image of fabric cut to form thread.
Image of recycled rollers.

A Dutch company collects rolls of fabric in Portugal, of very good quality (100% cotton) intended to be thrown away.

Image of a crocheted thread.

Finally, Charlène will use these yarns to crochet or make macramé, and bring new creations to life!

The accessories

Need a custom product?

Want a two-tone or striped piece?

Contact us!

Charlène will be delighted to create the room of your dreams!

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